We can help you accelerate the acquisition of leadership skills by your emerging managers through a solution… that works, is flexible and motivating, and is practical and affordable.


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In today’s tough economic climate, success depends on your ability to constantly develop your people talent, whether they’re individual contributors, first-time team leaders, middle managers, senior directors, sales professionals, sales managers, or even entire leadership teams.


Equipping your people with the right balance of know-how, attitudes and behaviours to achieve their specific goals is not simple with conventional development techniques like classroom-based training (where 80% of learning is lost within weeks). In fact, novel approaches to leadership development are essential if organisations are to be effective at transferring new behaviours into the workplace and making best use of their Learning & Development budget.


CRINQ Leadership brings a unique approach to talent development by optimally blending Assessments (individual, psychometric and 360° feedback tools), Individual and Team Coaching, Onsite Workshops and Online Support. Our goal is to produce a lasting impact on your people and organisation at a cost that is typically less than a week-long training course.


If you’re looking for a more efficient approach to help strengthen your leadership pipeline, enhance employee engagement, boost the performance of your workforce, improve the skills of your managers, or optimise your training investments, then CRINQ Leadership is the answer.

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